Testimonials - Continued

Testimonials - Continued


More comments from past students....

"The chance to role-play telephone calls and negotiations was invaluable, as was the teachers' help in composing emails in English."

“My course has been very productive and I have been very pleased with the teaching. My main objectives had been to improve my listening comprehension and I have been given many opportunities to practise this and to rôle-play conversations.” 

"I have had other language courses in the U.K., but I came back to this school as I find you more professional."
“I would like to write a few lines about the wonderful experience I had with Exclusively English for two weeks. I can say that it has given me more confidence speaking English, giving presentations and new vocabulary. There are several reasons for this:
1. The programme of the school. All the subjects are oriented to improve your level. It was an individual programme that has given me every chance to learn in the best way.
2. The quality of the teachers. Each teacher supported me during the lesson and also throughout the day.
3. The friendly atmosphere between teachers and students. This was, perhaps, the most important factor because it gave me so many opportunities to improve my English talking with the teachers, the other students and with all the people associated with the school.
Finally, I want to say that the facilities at the school are from my point of view excellent for this kind of course. Thank you for this chance”
“I found the teachers very attentive to my individual needs, something which is not very common at training establishments. I liked the one-to-one course as my progress has been faster than it would have been in group work with other non-native speakers”

The teaching materials were imaginative and varied and the school had all the comforts and facilities I could want. The programme was intensive but sensible and the teachers’ approach was serious but also fun!"
“Thanks again for a wonderful week in England. Looking forward to coming back next year!”
“I really did enjoy my week at Exclusively English. Again, I want to thank the whole team. It was a very productive week and a very nice stay”

"The timetable has precisely the right balance of lessons and breaks. The teachers' styles are complementary and I have been exposed to a range of voices. I have learned a lot and feel much more confident."
"The programme offered by my teachers was extremely varied, something I appreciated because in my job I use English in a range of situations and need to be able to switch between them at short notice."
“This was the best training course I have ever attended.”

"The standard of training is world-class. The teachers had a good understanding of the business world and always asked appropriate questions."

"I had already experienced a year of weekly in-company language classes, but one week here was much more useful. Following the course, I feel much more confident about my English."

"The teachers' diagnosis of problems is fast and they focus on the areas where I need to improve."

"The student's programme is customised and under the control of the student at all times - this is exceptional for a training institution and a major advantage of choosing this school."

“Je garde un excellent souvenir de mon séjour auprés de vous, qui fut aussi efficace qu'agréable.”


 "The standard of training is world-class...."

testimonials from Exclusively English participants   

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