Immersion Business English Training Course

One-to-One intensive tuition is simply and undisputedly the most effective method of language training in terms of cost and progress.

With a one-week or two-week immersion English course at Exclusively English you will focus entirely on your tailor-made language programme and therefore progress more quickly and efficiently than with other training methods.                                             

In a group situation it is impossible to achieve the same results. With one to one English training, you can practise role-play business scenarios, conference calls, negotiating face to face with your trainer and address linguistic problems as they arise           

Private lessons in your workplace are a popular training solution for many. This method has merits but due to the fragmented nature of the training, it is very difficult to progress quickly. 


The course structure …

is simple. This is language training at its best. The immersion English course is total immersion amounting to 13 hours each day in the English language of which 6 hours each day of 1:1 training. No time is wasted during your stay and we guarantee that every minute of your time is optimised to help you progress in the language. 

You will have two trainers assigned to your individual training programme and this, together with numerous hours of social interaction with other teachers and evening hosts ensures exposure to a variety of styles and accents.


Before you arrive at Exclusively English...

you will have sent us a Pre-Training Needs Form which serves as a starting point for your trainers in preparation for your course. This will identify various areas of communication which you need to improve, for example, giving presentations, making conference calls, report writing, emailing or negotiating. You may want to address all of these or perhaps you are preparing specifically for a job interview to be conducted in English and want to focus on English for Interviews. It is your programme and it is our responsibility to focus on what is important to you. Our trainers all have extensive knowledge of diverse business sectors and will create a programme that is productive, varied and relevant.


When you arrive at Exclusively English...

you will not be tested. Our aim is to make people feel relaxed so that they are able to communicate freely. A test does not give an accurate picture of your ability to function in the language and is therefore counter-productive.

Your main course trainer carries out a full evaluation of your objectives and requirements with you when you are here and can quickly establish your level and linguistic needs.

The focus is not on grammatical accuracy although your programme will probably contain a degree of grammar review and extension. 


At the end of your training

you will receive a detailed report which provides a full evaluation of your level using our Grading Scale. We use a grading scale which is interchangeable with the grades defined by the Common European Framework (ALTE Grades).

The emphasis is on assessing your overall ability to communicate in the language and grades are given for specific areas of communication such as comprehension, intonation, fluency, accuracy.  A grade is also given for specific tasks you may have completed during your training such as telephoning, negotiating, presenting, chairing meetings, interview skills, conference calling or report writing.

Your report will also offer clear and practical advice on how to maintain your level and ways in which you can continue to improve.



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