Exclusively English is proud to have an extremely high rate of students who return to us for a second, third, fourth and even 7th training course!

Here is a selection of comments from recent participants (last updated: January 2018)


"What an amazing five days experience at Exclusively English, their blended model (several trainers with different backgrounds) challenged me in many aspects of the day to day conversation. They took care of every aspect of my staying and as result they helped me to take my level of English to a next level. Definitely I will recommend  them to my colleagues".

Director, Salesforce Spain (CRM)


"A few months have passed since the day I left Exclusively English and I still carry the experience with me and the memories of the great time I spent with you in Sherborne. It was extraordinary.

You were all so welcoming and hospitable and at the same time very professional.
I am so happy that I had the privilege to take the course at your place. It contributed to me so much, both professionally and personally. The course helped me to improve my skills in English, to feel more comfortable using English and it has enabled me to take part in all conversation where English is the main language.        
Claire, you paid attention to every detail in the schedule, in order to make my stay more comfortable and interesting, I appreciate this very much.
My two English trainers were the best! - better than I could have imagined. Your knowledge covered such a wide range, that made the lessons not only very professional but also very interesting and sometimes very funny. You are gifted. It’s very rare to have lessons more than 8 hours a day, with small breaks, and not wanting the lessons to end. You managed to do this! And I thank you both for that.
I really hope that I have the chance to return again, to do another session with you guys. Again, thank you for everything!
With warm regards,
(Senior Partner, Law Firm - Israel)

"My two weeks immersion at Exclusively English (One to One Business English) not only enhanced my ability to speak English more fluently and with more clarity, but equally helped to improve my inter-cultural and social skills.  I believe this course is a "must" for any executive who uses English as a commercial language."

(C.E.O. Extraction / Services - Nigeria)

"My current project with the Indian subsidiary is really going well.  I feel so much more confident after my English course with you.  Thanks everyone!" 

(Project Manager - IT Support, France)


"The week with Exclusively English has helped me to re-activate my business English.  I'm now ready to start my new position".

(Financial Manager - Banking, Spain)


 "Being immersed in the language was very good for my pronunciation - I hope to return in the future".


(Private Student, Russia)

"What I really appreciated was the chance to meet English native speakers and to discuss different subjects in the lessons and during the evenings".
(Managing Director, Industrial Manufacturing, France)


"Thank you Exclusively English!  I was nervous before to come to England for one week, but now the advantage is clear for me".


(Commercial Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Bosnia)



"Hello everyone..... I am now able to participate in the conf. calls and I start to feel more confident. But, I must come back!!"


(Human Resources Manager, Banking, France)


"It was great to come back for my second visit to Exclusively English.  Thank you so much for your patience and help with my English - I continue to practice as much as I can".


(Mergers and Acquisitions Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Germany) 


It was a great training and I enjoyed the week very much. It was a good mixture between small talk/social English and business English. And honestly it was more fun than hard work for me.


Now I feel much more confident, when I am using English. So the objectives are fulfilled 100 %. Today is Wednesday and I am still thinking in English :o)



I will recommend the training to other colleagues and hopefully some of them will visit you soon.


Best regards to all the team


(Internal Contol Systems Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Germany)




The 5 days spent in Sherborne was a real challenge for me, but you all managed to make it interesting and especially productive.

I have a great memory of my stay.


(C.E.O. Aeronautics, France)



"Thank you again for the enjoyable lessons and very useful advice. I am committed to continue working on my English.     "I will see my HR Manager tomorrow and tell her about my great time at Exclusively English."
Regional Marketing Manager, Oil Industries - Russia
"Exclusively English has developed a highly effective study programme. I really enjoyed the various methods of training and the level of conversation - business related and social, during my 2 weeks with you.  I did not expect the trainers to have such good background knowledge of my business.    I will definitely recommend some of my colleagues contact you in the New Year.   Thanks again, and let's keep in touch"
C.E.O / Country Manager, Retail / Investment Banking - Asia
Thank you for your feedback. I am so proud of my colleagues - you are doing a magnificent job in your school, they can't stop talking about their experience. Their confidence has improved so much.
I am so happy that I got referred to your school, I will advertise it everywhere!  And I wish I could come just to spend some time android lovely area and meet you all in person.
Once again, thank you ever so much and we will be in touch.
Kind regards,
Human Resources / Training Manager, Pharmaceutical Logistics - Serbia



 "The standard of training is world-class...."

testimonials from Exclusively English participants   

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